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SantaHunt 2016

A community-run gift exchange!

SantaHunt is the Secret Santa gift exchange made for the awesome community that kitty-powers Product Hunt😻

People from 20+ countries joined the fun in 2015, and we're back for more! Join us, send some kitty-love, and receive more kitty-love!


🎁 These are some of the gifts people around the world received in 2015! 🎁

Write your letter to Santa Paws

Scroll down and you’ll find a form. You can write your name, address, and the things you love - maybe a wish list too - so your Secret Santa Paws knows what to gift you!

Match, buy, send!

Registration closes on December 18th. After that, we’ll start randomly matching each person with their Secret Santa Paws. We’ll send you an email with your match’s info so you can send that person a gift they’ll love.

Get your gift!

Now, we wait. You’ll be super excited because you will receive a gift from your Secret Santa Paws, personally delivered by the PH Kitty! (Not really).


Why are you doing this?

We love gifts. Who doesn't?! But there's one thing we love the most: Spreading love and kindness, in whatever way possible. And well, we already spend all day surfing the interwebz, window-shopping Product Hunt and what not, so we thought it would be awesome to host this with the help of the awesome Product Hunt Team, and make some friends in the process!

What if my match does not give enough details and I don't know what to buy them?

Along with your match's details, we'll include their email so you can contact them if you want, to ask further questions about their hobbies, tastes, etc. You can even send the email from a new email address so your identity remains anonymous ;).

What if I never get a gift?

Unfortunately there's no way for us to enforce people to buy gifts for their matches and we can't guarantee that you'll get a gift. However, we are confident in the Product Hunt Community and its values. The PH community is one of the strongest in the interwebz! Fear not! You'll get something awesome! And you're gonna get something awesome for someone else too!

Is this an official Product Hunt event?

Nope, this is a community-made project. However, the entire Product Hunt team loved the idea and they are supporting us with whatever we may need to make everyone happy.

Is there a set minimum value for the gifts?

We recommend a price of around $20 - shipping included. But of course, you can go as high and as wild as your caffeinated self wants.

Why are there 2 types of exchange? International and Domestic?

We all know shipping is "kinda" expensive, depending on the item. For people that don't want to spend a lot of money shipping their gift, they can be part of a Domestic Exchange in their own country. For people willing to go the extra mile and open to have a different experience, they can be part of the International Exchange - they will receive an international match.

Can I enter both the International and Domestic exchanges?

For sure, you'll have to fill the form 2 times. Your records will be independent and you'll get 2 different emails with 2 different matches.

Who are you?

Oh, you know... just 3 stray cats, living on the streets of the cyberspace, keeping us warm with old Donald Trump tweets.

[Information about us at the bottom]

Who We Are

We are a Designer, an Illustrator and a Developer that had the pleasure of meeting each other thanks to the community around Product Hunt. We just thought this would be a cool and fun way to give back to the community 🙌.




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